21st Century Solutions

It’s just better science and technology!

Without doubt the human race has moved ahead with technology advancements. Cars, energy management, clothes, communications and heat management to name a few. Many people struggle to understand how Super Therm® ceramic heat block coatings is an advanced technology in every way.

Traditional v NEW

20th Century Insulation Theory: “R” value – load heat and then resist heat transfer through the material. 

21st Century Heat Block Theory: BLOCK HEAT LOAD. Prevent heat load into the surface to reduce heat that is available for transfer…Super Therm®.

Super Therm® Insulation Coating ©NEOtech Illustration

Here’s some other technologies that we now use in every day life that have transformed business and society.

New cars   Old cars
New technology of Tesla electric vehicles   Original older Model A Ford
New phones   Old phones
New smart phones for improved communication and information   Old dial up phones and exchanges
New clothes   Old clothes
New and advanced fashion and technology in sport and community   Original swimwear and styles
New power generation   Old power generation
New and sustainable power generation with solar farms and wind turbines   Older technology of coal for power generation

KW Reduction from Super Therm® = Actual Dollars

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